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Testimonials: Testimonials

"A few years ago I started my adventures in cave diving. Though I was already a seasoned divemaster, "life happens" and I hadn't spent much time in the water for a few years. When it was time for me to resume diving, i decided to push beyond the normal recreational diving world, and I found Jon by accident. I'm so glad I did!  I always thought of myself as a strong diver, but from the moment I hit the water with Jon, it was clear I had so much to learn.
Training alongside Jon was humbling, and helped me re-calibrate my expectations and double down on both my training and my commitment for personal growth. Jon is more than an instructor—he guides each student on the journey, safely overseeing the progress from a recreational diver to a technical diver with a high level of excellence. He's supportive through decision-making processes and discussions and provides world-class training. Jon's  patient,  has a solid focus is on safety and helps each student reach his/her diving aspirations through leaning and continuous improvement."

Ricki Orford

"Jon did a great job of setting the expectations from the start. He was very thorough and very knowledgeable. When I was having trouble with a skill he was able to let me know exactly where my error was and also what I needed to do to address the problem. He was fair but strict. If I was not meeting the standard he would let me know in a professional way even if I was frustrated at the time. It was certainly a very tough and demanding course but I am definitely a much better diver after completing the course. I appreciate the mentality throughout the whole course that it was MY responsibility to perform and become a better diver and do the work to achieve that. I have never taken a course for diving that has been like this. Overall a very positive experience."

Mike Balint

"Jon is always a joy to work with.  Both as a student and as a dive professional myself every time I have been in one of his classes in any capacity I always learn a great deal about how to be a better diver and how to be a better dive pro.  He is almost infuriatingly patient and has a talent for identifying the best way to convey information to any variety of students I've seen him work with.  This class was no different.

Three divers with very different skill levels, but he managed to tighten everyone into solid divers and a solid team with what I know in truth is a great deal of effort on his part, but he makes it look effortless for himself and fun for everyone else."

Roger Williams

"In caves, the training you get, matters. Every cave instructor will tell you that they focus on creating skilled divers, on safety, and on situational awareness…but Jon actually does. Once I started diving independently, and saw what other people considered good practices, I was very glad that I made the choice to train with an instructor like Jon - his experience shows."

Melissa Seafield

"I thought I was a good technical diver, then I took a course from Kieren Technical.  Jon helped me to understand what it takes to be a good technical diver and now, I'm a far better diver than I ever was before.  Thanks Jon for your patience and dedication to making quality divers and instructors."

Eric Brooks

"Jon always stayed in touch and gave us help when ever we had any questions on GUE protocol since we first took fundies with him in July. He gave us all the required tools to practice after getting the rec pass, to help us grow into students who can achieve the tech rating. The final evaluation dive was done in a safe and efficient manner.  We have become GUE Cave1/Tec1 capable divers thanks to his instructions. Looking forward to taking Cave 1 with him some day."

Sal Dellaria

"I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from my training with Jon, picking up on the finer points about cave/tech diving. Jon takes time to identify areas to improve on, and keeps the training focused and progressive. Post-dive debriefs are clear, thorough and provide immediate feedback."

Adrian Lim

"I've had dozens of instructors and dive supervisors over the years in my time as a commercial diver and no one comes close to being able to deliver as much information in a short amount of time in a clean, professional and fun manner as Jon! Full marks!"

Joey McNamara

"I was part of a Jon's GUE Fundamental Class last May at Dutch Springs, PA.  Jon's teaching style and demeanor made the long class days of in-water and lecure a very fun and educational experience. I do not hesitate recommending Jon's training services to my fellow divers and look forward to taking additional training in the future from him."

Eric Fine

"Did my cave ccr with Jon, he is very patient and knowledgeable. Worked with a lot of instructors over the years and I highly recommend him!"

Mathew Bridgstock

"Jon Kieren is on of the greatest instructors and divers we have ever known. We look forward to furthering our GUE education with him! He is by the book and adheres to the criteria so it's not easy to pass which is good. He is definately a great representative of the GUE institution. We are proud to have earned our credentials through such a pro!"

Joe Truscello

"The course was well-organized and -conducted. Jon consistently pushed me to practice specific skills, highlighted gaps, and tailored the course to my needs. I found the tailored support and hands-on practice (especially with GUEEDGE and using wet notes and the SMB) extremely useful. I feel confident for my next dive."

Luigi Nunez

"Jon is a highly experienced diver and instructor.  I both enjoy, and value, the opportunity to train with him.  He covers the material well, but he also draws from his experience and looks ahead to potential future classes, in order to provide helpful context.  His feedback is on point and encouraging.  I look forward to future GUE classes with him."

Lee Trenum

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