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Specializing in technical, rebreather, and cave diver training, I have the opportunity to focus my attention on an elevated and focused skillset to create not just better divers, but true explorers of the underwater realm.  I offer courses custom tailored to my students needs and goals, and believe that team communication and fundamental skills development are the backbone to any diver’s success.

Training: Services


Beginning with the End in Mind

You build a house starting with a solid foundation, you learn to run by first learning to crawl, dive training is no different.  GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) Foundational programs (GUE Recreational 1, Fundamentals, Doubles Primer, and Drysuit Primer) are designed to create a stable platform and an overall confident and competent diver.  With this solid foundation, you can progress into the area of diving most appealing to you, whether it's caves, wrecks, deep walls or shallow reefs.  GUE Foundational training will set you up for success and overall increased enjoyment in all of your diving.


Diving's Underground

Caves are often described as the last frontier of human exploration on our planet. They provide an exciting playground for curious divers who seek to explore this hidden and fragile environment - an ever-changing world of hidden natural wonders, maze-like tunnels full of geological formations.

 Naturally, there are certain risks associated with diving in an overhead environment. Special training is required to learn the necessary skills and procedures to manage those risks and make cave diving an exciting and joyful experience.  



Right Tool for the Job

Whether you are an experienced technical and/or cave diver and are looking to extend your range beyond the limits of open circuit, CCR is the next logical step.  I offer training on the Fathom and Gemini CCRs from entry level through advanced trimix.


Deeper in Depth

If you are an experienced diver looking to extend your bottom times or depth range, open circuit technical training will take you where you want to go.  I offer courses from entry level (45 meters/150 ft), through advanced trimix (100 meters, 330 ft).



Guidance & Inspiration

Ready to take the next step in your professional diving career?  From Open Water, to Advanced Trimix and Cave instructor, I can help you achieve your goals.

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