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Caves are often described as the last frontier of human exploration on our planet. They provide an exciting playground for curious divers who seek to explore this hidden and fragile environment - an ever-changing world of hidden natural wonders, maze-like tunnels full of geological formations.

 Naturally, there are certain risks associated with diving in an overhead environment. Special training is required to learn the necessary skills and procedures to manage those risks and make cave diving an exciting and joyful experience.  

CAVE: Services


The GUE Cave Level 1 class provides an introduction to diving in an overhead environment. The fact that our environment is full of flooded underwater caves hidden from sight makes cave diving exciting and adventurous. This unique environment requires proper training, and the GUE Cave 1 class provides divers with a thorough understanding of the cave environment as well as the potential dangers associated with cave diving. While the class prepares students to fully venture beyond the natural daylight zone, a conservative approach to gas management ensures that beginning cave divers stay within a limited distance from the entrance.

Prerequisites include:

GUE Fundamentals Tech Pass


This course is designed to teach experienced stage cave divers how to utilize Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) in the cave environment. Over a minimum of 4 days, divers will learn about safe DPV use, DPV components, and care and maintenance. Students will learn to plan dives that may incorporate extended penetration, longer bottom times, complex dive planning, and proper methods of gas management.

Prerequisites include:

GUE Fundamentals training (or equivalent skill set)

Full Cave/Stage Cave Diver Certification

100 cave dives, 25 utilizing stage cylinders



For the experienced caver diver looking to extend their range beyond realistic open circuit limits, the CCR Cave course will develop skills and knowledge to plan and execute long range cave dives utilizing closed circuit rebreathers.  I offer CCR Cave training on all current makes and models of rebreathers.  Course duration varies depending on student's current level of experience.

Prerequisites include:

GUE Fundamentals training (or equivalent skill set)

50 hours on CCR

50 cave dives

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