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Oceans have been sailed since humans were able to build ships and travel across the seas. Even so, thousands of years of history remain hidden in the watery depths, although most of the shallower and more accessible areas of the oceans have been explored, documented, and surveyed. Today, aquatic explorations go deeper, which demands well-trained divers who can explore the depths safely and efficiently.  



A minimum of 5 days, combining the Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures/Helitrox courses will provide you with the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to begin conducting introductory level technical dives and venture beyond the limits of recreational diving.  Building on the foundation established in your Intro to Tech training, you will learn more advanced diving skills, planning, and emergency and failure management to be able to successfully conduct dives requiring staged decompression to a maximum depth of 45 meters/150 feet utilizing helium based breathing gasses

Prerequisites include:

GUE Fundamentals (or equivalent skill set)

Comfort and familiarity in back mount doubles


As your motivation to explore progresses, you will naturally wish to extend your depth limits.  Over a minimum of 5 days, the entry level Trimix Diver course will continue to build on the technical diving foundation created in earlier courses, fine tuning your skills and awareness to prepare you to conduct dives utilizing normoxic (18% oxygen or greater) trimix to a maximum depth of 60 meters/200 feet. 

Prerequisites include:

GUE Fundamentals (or equivalent skill set)

Advanced Nitrox/Decompression Procedures (or equivalent)

25 non-training technical dives 25 non training technical dives (requiring a minimum of 10 minutes of staged decompression, to a minimum depth of 40 meters/130 feet.



The pinnacle of open circuit/open water technical training, the Advanced Trimix course is designed for experienced technical divers to extend their range to 100 meters/330 feet using hypoxic (less than 18% oxygen) trimix.  This course is conducted over a minimum of 5 days where students will expand on their skills, knowledge, and awareness, learning to use hypoxic trimix, travel gas, and support to conduct dives to the limit of technical diver training.

Prerequisites include:

GUE Fundamentals (or equivalent skill set)

Entry level trimix certification

50 non-training technical dives, 10 must be dives requiring a minimum of 30 minutes of staged decompression, to a minimum depth of 50 meters/170 feet

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