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I am a cave, technical, and CCR instructor/instructor trainer and have dedicated my career over the past 15 years to improving dive training globally. As an active IANTD/NSS-CDS and GUE Instructor, Former TDI Training Advisory Panel member, and former training director for TDI, I have experience working with divers and instructors at all levels and from all walks of life. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your diving goals!

My credentials include:

Instructor Trainer: IANTD/NSS-CDS Full Cave, CCR Cave, DPV Cave, Advanced Trimix 

Instructor: GUE Cave 1, IANTD Advanced Trimix CCR Instructor, X-CCR, Defender, Flex 2, 

GUE: Recreational/Fundamentals 

About Jon: About
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