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What is included in guiding fees?

  • Guiding fees include guiding services for a full day of diving, including two short dives (less than 90 minutes), or one long dive.  Additional expenses to consider include

    • Dive Site Entry/Boat Fees

    • Equipment Rental and Gas Fills

    • Lodging and Transportation

What should I bring?

  • Copies of relevant certifications and dive accident insurance

  • All equipment needed to conduct the days dives.  We will not return to a dive shop mid-day, so please make sure to have adequate fills for the whole day

  • If any rental equipment is required, please make sure those arrangements are made well in advance

  • Also bring weather appropriate clothing and personal comfort items. All courses are taught primarily outside, so you will want to be comfortable.

  • Food and drinks.  We will not take long lunch breaks, and usually snack while briefing, so please bring food so you can stay fueled up.  It is also imperative that you stay properly hydrated, especially during summer months and when diving in Mexico.

Where will we be diving? 

  • It Depends on current local conditions. However, we will dive within your current certification limits and choose sites based on what you are most in the mood for.  It's your dive, so it's really up to you!

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